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As well as the pre-built single property homepage layout, the rest of the theme package includes templates for the about, FAQ, news, and video tour pages. With six main website demos to choose from — all of which have a classic and clean design — you not only get a good range of options for the appearance of your website with the Kastell theme but also access to some truly useful features. Effective SEO helps your listings get seen by people using search engines on the web. You may also customize the meta tags so you may focus on specific keywords of your choice. You can also drag and drop any of the modules and widgets included with Element to add more useful elements to your website, such as online forms, countdown timers, or call to action buttons. Single property website design [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Our system automatically generates the meta tags for your single property websites so search engines will index your property website and visitors will find you based on the description of your real estate listing.


You may also customize the meta tags so you may focus on specific keywords of your choice. Upload documents to your single property website such as floor plans allowing website visitors to view and download the documents.

Lead capturing form on your single property website captures inquiries which are sent to our lead management system. You are notified instantly of any leads generated from your property website by email and SMS text message to your mobile device. Typically you would need to pay a hosting company a monthly fee to host your property websites. On top of that you would need to purchase a domain for each property website. If you have multiple real estate listings this can add up to be quite costly.

We host all of your single property websites so you are free of any hosting fees you would typically pay.

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Our single property websites are compatible with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics solution that gives you insight to your website traffic.


You are able to fully analyze the traffic to all of your single property websites. Client Login.

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Cart 0. View Demo. Benefits of a Single Property Website. The success you can achieve by incorporating Single Property Websites as part of your complete marketing solution is second to none. Get more Listings by showing your Sellers that you are hyper-focused on their home with Single Property Websites.

With a website and domain name just for them, your Sellers will feel confident that you are working hard just for them. Promote across online networks that will gain massive exposure. Single property website design property information gives buyers everything they need to know. Easy to find Agent Contact information and Request for Showing forms allow buyers to see your listings first.

Build Sites with No Code Building a property site with Web Listings Pro is as easy as filling out a simple form using our admin software. Simple Website Form. Just Fill in the Blanks To build a single property website just simply fill out the site form.

The form contains fields for all the important information needed to showcase your property.

Building a Property Website has Never been Easier

Just leave the fields you don't wish to display blank and you are good to go. Edit the fields at any time. Custom Domains You have the option of using one of sub-domains for free or using your own custom domain. Don't have a domain?

Single property website design [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)