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If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Libra and Cancer compatibility article on this relationship first. These men are tender fathers and do everything to make their children happy. The sex is so wonderful but sometimes I feel that's all we have in common. Libra man dating cancer woman [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

My advice to all Cancer women Stay away from Libra Men!! Then are selfish and they are oblivious to other people's needs. The world revolves around them and if they are not happy then neither are you.

Cancer woman will always feel neglected with a Libra man! I am a Cancer woman. It is so normal to be attracted by a Libra man. Because they are so social, charming etc etc. Yeah we are so compatible in bed. But sex is not complete thing. We need to feel secure and lots of stuff. Is it so easy to repair heart after all break-ups? I am a Cancer woman and have been with a Libra man for just over 2 months.

I really like him and we really do get on. The problem is he does not consider my feelings, he is selfish ad it always has to be his way. They are never good at keeping promises.

He tells me he would do something but he never does and puts all down to his busy life. Sex with him is great, we both libra man dating cancer woman it and I feel that is the only thing that brings us together, but is it enough. Me as a Cancer needs a man to love me and make me feel wanted. If I have insecurities, it is because of the way he is. He libra man dating cancer woman time for the whole world, but when it comes to me, I get pushed aside.

When we are together we so enjoy each others company that we do not want to leave each other for a second. I have now separated from this guy and am dating a Capricorn, libra man dating cancer woman, guess what he is everything I was looking for in a partner. He listens to dating website for friends, we talk and do things together and he makes time for me.

Cancer and Libra shouldn't be together, see that Libra wants a mentally connection and that Cancer wants a more emotionally connection. Libra men are not selfish trust me im a Sagittarius who's dated enough Libras to kno. Libras might seem selfish but trust me they just need communication. He's not a bad person but a lot the things he does effects me badly.

Also he's fine with watching t. Also things that inspire me and make me emotional, I can tell him about when I'm being serious and he just kinda laughs at me like I'm stupid or something and that makes me really hate him and his personality. I am also turned off by him always sugar coating everything and trying to keep the peace. All brains and no balls I hate it.


I feel the need to want to fight battles for him at times because he will just go with the flow. Cancer women this is not the man for you.

Libra man and Cancer woman

They will think they are inferior to you and will resent them. I know him through internet and we libra man dating cancer woman to dated after we meet twice I had broke with him chinese singles dating sites weeks ago and I found a Pisces guy.

I had to tell you he is the nicest person I ever meet and know I am a Cancer woman who has libra man dating cancer woman a Libra man for about 2 months. I am totally confused. There are times that I think he is into me and then other times I feel like I do not exist. He had been married to a Cancer woman in the past and we have talked about our differences and how it would be work for us to make it happen. We have great dialog all the time but I did tell him that my one fear is that he will not be able to meet my emotional needs.

As it turns out, that is true. I just don't understand how he is at times indifferent and other times so caring. It keeps me on edge and insecure which intern annoys him. I really do not think this will work so I am moving on. Too bad because I really, really like him but cannot stick around knowing my basic needs will probably never be met. I'm a Libra man. I've just ended I suppose a 3 month affair with a Cancer woman. She marks probably the most interesting woman I've ever been with.

She is an enigma.


dating an man advice She doesn't say anything. She keeps her feelings pent up. She worries. It is charming none the less. She is pretty. But her moods can turn her to be withdrawn and cool very suddenly. Changeable, as is standard of the Cancer woman. Our connection on the affectionate plane was astonishingly pure and open. We were like children kissing for hours, content in the release and giving for its own sake.

But full sexual exploration was strangely obstructed. She couldn't open. She was fearful to let herself go. There was always a scary element for me too. My heart was full of butterflies day and night, sometimes with good feelings sometimes with fearful ones.

The butterflies were the same whether good or bad feelings. Full-time elation. I couldn't take it. When apart we only wanted to be together. When together there was always uneasiness, a difficulty in communication. Kissing and hugging were our only sure link. The unexpressed sexuality grew to be an intense and upsetting factor. Our relationship ended one night on a bed. We had agreed to meet and finally spend intimate time together.

But she was full of internal conflict. A much closed body language but other signals conveying the opposite. She was fatigued and frustrated, un-relaxed. I sought only to allay her tension. Libra man dating cancer woman mood wasn't pleasant but conflicted and tense. The natural underlying unexpressed sexuality combined with the mood. We rested on the bed. She wanted to go. I tried to allay her frustration and asked her to try and relax. We kissed, held hands and lightly caressed.

It was finally too much for her. She sat up and declared she was going. I pleaded with her to stay and asked 'are you crazy? I affectionately pressed her libra man dating cancer woman between mine. She snapped -'don't touch me! She walked out and has hardly communicated a word to me since. Story over. I am really falling for him in may a fantasy. He seems to be the Practical Man that I am getting to know.

We have been chatting and talking on the phone for a few months now, and very soon like in a matter if a week or two we will come together.


Its a lot of sexual aggression there on both our parts. I think in taking our age into consideration both in our late 40's we have matured in many areas flirt for free game I do fall into the emotional area but I am not needy I do see that We are more in communication when it's convenient for Him.

But I also take in consideration He is very professional and very busy and He does make this clear to me and keeps me at bay. So when I want to communicate and He is to occupied I just communicate with others but I keep my intimate communications exclusive only for him, libra man dating cancer woman. I really don't quite know exactly where we are, relationship wise, He said He feels the way I do about wanting to be together but I'm looking for him to realize that once we become intimate I expect him to be exclusive and be my man.

I don't care if he is flirtatious, it's actually helps promotes his business, but I want the understanding that I will be his one and only but don't know how to communicate that. So far I am content and happy to know him. Cancer woman and Libra man is just a difficult relationship period.

Im married to a Libra man. Yet they may like to work but all the other quality are negative. So is it possible for a Libra and a Cancer to be together for a long time or possibly even maintaining a stable marriage? I'm a Cancer woman trying to understand a Libra man that I have fallen so deep in love with! He approached me and obtained all libra man dating cancer woman my attention from the start! He is a very hard working man but is extremely set in his ways Trying to compromise with him to do things I like sometimes is a no go.

So I accepted it, and tried to develop a relationship with him. The sex was always awesome and the conversations as well, but it was always a missing link to this Yes Cancer women, be very careful when dealing with Libra Men. You will end up being very hurt! At the beginning he did kind of be really nice then all of a sudden he would not call or text me back but ther reason behind that was is that he wanted to see if I missed him and also im pretty sure he wanted me to chase him.

My son's father is a Libra. Worst match ever. Firstly, he intentionally got me pregnant took off the condom and didn't tell me until two weeks after the fact because he thought that if I got pregnant I wouldnt go away to school. Then when I got pregnant by him three years later and asked him to keep the baby for my last two months of school a senior in college he told me no because it wasnt his libra man dating cancer woman and that I needed to drop out, start studying to become a Jehovah Witness or else we were done.

According to him I killed it. How caring of him Then he goes and marries an 18 year old Cancer. Maybe he can control her.

Libra Man and Cancer Woman - Compatible?

Probably not! Hi there girls. Im a Cancer who was in relationship with a Libra man 4 yearsa ago We were attracted to each other, had good long conversations but I always felt he was ignoring me at times esp when I wanted libra man dating cancer woman emotional support from him.

I felt that he was jsut not serious about our relationship. I let him go and believe me he wasnt bothered even to save our relationship which was once so fondled.

But trust me girls we cancerians are emotional being I still think about himmiss him but its for our own good that we let them go. I'm a Cancer female, 21 years old. My best friend is a Libra guy, We got along extremely well since the first time we talked.

Instant chemistry. Hours of talking and laughing. No sexual attraction on either side, reason being why we're only friends. I feel very safe when I'm around him. Also, very excited and full of energy! I love it. We spark each other off asian bride topper chemistry and can have sooo much fun no matter what we do just because we love each other's way of speaking so much.

I truly think he's the funniest person I've ever met. We've never had any sort of argument and we always libra man dating cancer woman things calmly and rationally. The first time I talked to him, I remember the first thing that caught my attention was how much he said things that I could relate to.

Libra Man And Cancer Woman

I feel like I've found a soulmate. Every one of his friends is someone I find awesome as well and vice versa. There's a lot more I could say like how we talk on the phone almost every day and we just spend the enti re conversation laughing, libra man dating cancer woman, how kind we are to each other, how open our communication is, and how much we trust each other.

We are also very affectionate, though he seems emotionally closed and I seem emotionally open but mentally closed. We balance each other out. After every time we hang out we hug tightly and usually say something to make each other laugh one last time. One thing I noticed is how we have so much respect for each other, we can have different opinions about things and I just appreciate him more for it because I respect his point of view and I instinctively feel he must have a good reason for feeling that way.

He always has the best advice. You have no idea how much his balanced, going through a divorce and dating, rational advice helps my imbalanced cancerian emotions.

The things I appreciate the most are the trust between us and that we can laugh about anything, even serious subjects, meaning we can talk about anything and it never gets too emotional. I also love how much we have in common. It's great, really! Funny thing is, we not have only our suns squared but our moons and ascendants are square each other, too.

Yet this is probably the easiest friendship I've ever had. The thing is that I have a Libra ascendant, while he has a Cancer ascendant. Libras with Taurus moons are double Venus people, so they are extremely charming. And in numerology the number 1 from his day of birth is ruled by then sun.

The sun and Venus combine also to make a very likeable personality. He also has the Cancer ascendant whcih blends the moon with the sun and Venus qualities.

I am also a sun Venus moon person, because my day of birth is 6 which is ruled by venus, and I have a Leo moon which makes me sunny and jovial. Of course my sun in Cancer comprises the moon part. Also, our composite chart which basically shows what the end result of a relationship will be shows a sun, mars, and mercury conjunction which shows our mental chemistry, and many nice jupiter, neptune and pluto aspects, which shows our good will libra man dating cancer woman trust.

Venus is also in the first house which means our relationship is based on love and affection and that we were very fond of each other from the first time we talked, and that is true.

I'm a Cancer woman divorced from a Libra man after seven years of marriage. Initially the attraction and physical chemistry was great but just as quickly, both fizzled. We had a bond of friendship for many years.

But libras can never provide cancers with the emotional fulfillment that cancers crave and as a result, physical intimacy will not endure. The relationship will always seem 'superficial' and this is fine for libras but cancers will feel an emptiness. Yes, he's charming, witty and intelligent but I long for something more I am a Libra man who was totally infatuated with a Cancer woman for almost a year.

We hung out rarely less than once a month on avg because she was so busy with activities but managed to let her know that she was always on my mind. I would text or e-mail her just to see how she was doing. When we did hang out it was always fun and each conversation was filled with laughter. I thought I was gaining ground until she told me that she didn't have romantic feelings for me. Libra man dating cancer woman was disappointed and decided to give her plenty of space.

I'm not bitter at all. She is a beautiful person who will make some lucky man very happy. Im a 40 year old Cancer woman, was with a quiet Libra man for the last seven months.

Unfortunately we could not get past our issues and never really understood each other even though for some reason I still took him back after several attempts at a break up.

There is a weird bond between a Libran anc Cancerian but Libra will never satisfy the emotional needs of a Cancerian as Librans come across as selfish and cold sometimes but it is not the case just Librans don't think. Ladies reading this, just be wary when dating a Libran as they have roving eyes and always distracted by other women. You must be a very confident Cancer to be with a Libran.

Also they hate confrontation and will never satisfactorily solve or compromise on an issue. Will tell you they will try their best to change but in the end same issue comes up again and again. But I will give my ex libran this compliment he did try his hardest in changing things. But we are too differenct and will never fully connect on any level. Hi girls, I'm a Libra guy that married a Cancer girl.

She was very what is the best dating website looking and loyal.

By the time the couple make it into the bedroom, they will be well and truly in love. The Libra man takes quite an abstract, libra man dating cancer woman approach to sex, but the deeply sensual Cancer woman provides more than enough steam for both of them, and their sexual compatibility is high in an imaginative and fantastical love life.

The Libra man is ruled by Venus, and as such he is very in touch with his feminine side. The Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon and is also very feminine, but she does have some strong libra man dating cancer woman qualities in her shrewdness and her common senseso this is a good balance within libra man dating cancer woman relationship.

The Cancer woman can be extremely moody and emotional, but her Libra man is able to bring just the right blend of sympathy and distance to make her feel better without making her feel suffocated. The Libra man can find himself a little lost at times and without direction, but his Cancer woman knows exactly where the couple are headed and will always be at his elbow to help and to guide.

For the Libra man and Cancer woman, compatibility means excellent teamwork in daily life. Best of Both Worlds. When this relationship is going well, it can be a very beautiful and tender thing. Both partners are affectionate and demonstrative, and it will be clear to everyone that they think the world of each other.

Highly unlikely to cancel such a date request, a Libra man can turn a wholly platonic friendship into a passionate relationship if he so desires. Since the Cancer woman will not take the initiative to do anything, it will be up to the Libra man to make magic happen. Once together, a Libra man and a Cancer woman will enjoy being with each other. Though initially they may have a hard time adjusting to each other, they may take it up as a challenge and enjoy it more than detest it.

If they overcome this phase of their lives, they will successfully go on to have a long, fulfilling relationship. A Cancer woman may not approve of his nature or his style of living, but eventually she will see that the Libra man is not a big fan of her lifestyle as well. If the Libra man and the Cancer woman can sense discomfort in their relationship, they must try and overcome it. However, if they try too hard and too long, separation will become difficult and they may end up regretting being together.

They key to a successful relationship is communication.

Libra man dating cancer woman [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)