Dating a girl you work with


Dating women at work or trying to date a girl who you work with could cost you your job and employment. It seems to be going pretty well and after a while the man asks the girl for her phone number and he asks her out to the movies. I know what you're thinking; there hasn't been a luncheonette in this country in forty years. Workplace Etiquette colleagues Affairs. If you ask me where I'd like my only daughter to meet a guy, I'm not going to say "At a bar" or "Online. Dating a girl you work with [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

There's not much more to say about that, but we wanted you to know.

Why Dating Women At Work is a Bad Idea

She may blink a couple of times, because with all the elaborate scripts we've composed for all the standard workplace rites and rituals, we don't have a script for this one.

Case closed! As long as the two of you comport dating a girl you work with the way you always have, that should be the end of the drama. It probably goes without saying that you and your honey bun must resist the urge to get too cozy in the office or anywhere nearby, like the luncheonette on the corner where half your workmates eat every day.

I know what you're thinking; there hasn't been a luncheonette in this country in forty years. The same advice goes for any public place where your innocent workmates would be forced to witness two of their colleagues snuggling or worse, arguing in the way that only couples can do. I met my husband at work inand nothing terrible happened. We dated for a couple of years as co-workers.


I was the head of HR in our company, and everybody knew my boyfriend and I were a couple. No one freaked out, because it was and people weren't quite as weenietized back then as they are today.

Anyway, there were lots of couples in our company at any given time. Most of us in the office were young, and people were pairing up and splitting up and dating different co-workers all the time. Our work was never disrupted and I don't remember any problems associated with the dating a girl you work with permutations at all.

If there's a power dynamic, such as dating someone who is more senior, that can also muddy the waters. If someone is in a lower position and fancies their manager, it might just be because of their perceived power, Nelson said. There's also the chance dating at work might affect your productivity, because you're too busy thinking about the person in the next cubicle, or waiting for a text about when you can meet up. This can have negative implications on your career.

Yes, You Can Date A Co-Worker: Here's How

It might also affect your relationships with other people in the company — especially if you're hiding the relationship. Then, of course, by dating someone in the office, you are opening yourselves up to gossip.

This might be fun for the first few months, especially if you like being at the center of attention.


But after a while it'll get a bit old. So if it's more than a fling and you think the relationship could turn into something really good, make sure your colleagues are aware of that.

Once the initial excitement of the office romance dies down, Nelson said you can move forward appropriately.


The other way to deal with it, if you feel a potential complication, is to end it. None of this means work relationships are destined to fail. In fact, you're likely to have a lot in common with people you share a similar career with, so it can work pretty well.

So, how do you evaluate the pros and cons of getting involved with your coworker? Let's head straight to the experts to dating a girl you work with their take on the dos and don'ts of dating someone you work with.

Here's an expert guide to dating your coworker without having things get messy — plus a few circumstances where you might want to pass on pursuing that office romance. It sounds simple enough. But as professional matchmaker Samantha Daniels cautions, it's important to keep in mind that the person you know at the office is likely different from the person that your coworker becomes when they're not in a professional setting.

But don't start looking at your office as a place to pick up eligible singles.

How To Flirt At Work and Rules For Dating Co-Workers

Even if your company policy doesn't explicitly state anything against engaging in romantic relationships at the office, don't give HR a reason to add a clause when the two of you get caught going at it.

Dating a girl you work with [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)