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They come to realize the necessity of stopping in at the secret places of prayer along the course. Skits should be informative so that women learn about the dos and don'ts of customer service, as well as how to handle situations appropriately. This four-act serial skit uses various game shows to provide settings for the main character to progress in her spiritual journey. The skit shows how God uses even those difficult experiences in our lives for our good and the good of others. We deserve the death penalty. Skit for ladies meeting [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Our Mess, God's Masterpiece. The Serenity Prayer. God's Chisel. Do It Again. Stolen Christmas. Can I Shake My Gift? The Christmas Quilt.

Skit Ideas for a Ladies Meeting

The Lord's Prayer. Baggage Skit. God's Amazingly Astonishing World.

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Employers have an objective to keep their staff protected from unwanted inappropriate behaviors, and skits serve as an effective way to teach women how to respond in tough situations with coworkers or clients. If you want to conduct a sexual harassment skit for your group of ladies, pair off the women in the room to teams of two.

Assign one of the women to play the perpetrator and the other women to play the victim of sexual harassment. Each woman has a script to follow that educates them on how to handle a sexual harassment scenario. After running through the skit once, instruct the women to switch roles so that each person has a chance to play the perpetrator and the victim.

Skits are an effective way to train employees about ethical issues in the workplace. In your women's meeting, perform a variety of skits that touch on different ethical issues that could realistically occur in the business environment.

If you are conducting a business meeting for women in the health care industry, one skit idea is to focus on the issue of patient confidentiality or stealing prescription medications from the sample closet.


For each ethical issue that you wish to expose, perform one skit where the characters are making unethical choices, followed by a skit where the characters make the ethical choices. We deserve the death penalty.

However, because of Jesus, skit for ladies meeting, we have been granted a full pardon and freedom--if we choose to accept it! Sybil takes a continuing education course entitled "Trusting Sybil learns that she needs to acknowledge God in all her ways mind, will, emotions and spirit as she makes decisions in life.

Kelly has made a big change in her life--one which requires that she get rid of things she has been hanging on to in order to make room skit for ladies meeting the new. Salesman tries to convince two homeowners of their need for the "Heart Crud Buster Jesus used garden analogies to illustrate truths about God, the Word and the believer.

He compares man's heart to soil where the seed of God's Word is sown. The sower hopes for fruitfulness from His garden. These skits highlight the truths we learn from the comparisons between gardening and our spiritual lives. Skit for ladies meeting as we choose the shoes we put on every day, we also make choices that will affect our walk with the Lord.

We can choose worldly comfort and pleasure, or we can make the daily choices to walk in the light, in obedience and love, standing firm, strengthened by God's promises, running our race in the power of the Spirit. These skits highlight these choices using the illustration of choosing the right shoes. Busy Brenda is very busy, but finds excuses to be lazy.

But there is no time for what is most important.


Five runners in the "Life in the Spirit Marathon" face challenges and obstacles in their race. They come to realize the necessity of stopping in at the secret places of prayer along the course. Roxy Rhinestone has gone to see a heart specialist because of the symptoms she is experiencing. After tests, it is determined that her heart is black with sin and as hard as stone. She needs a transplant!

DeDe feels lonely, unlovely and unloved.

Skit for ladies meeting [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)