Email and chat room abuse


Forgot your password? Misuse of computers and communications systems comes in several forms:. Because chat room messages are spontaneous and instantly visible, there is a potential for abuse, which may or may not be intentional. She said she wanted a more loving and stable relationship than males of her own age could give. Her parents were always arguing, she said. Email and chat room abuse [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt) The Chatroom 13 - Episode 14: Domestic Violence

People adopt a user email and chat room abuse such as Naughty Angel or Rude Rodent gay guy dating apps enter a room with up to other users. A constant babble of typing is going on in the main window where everyone can see and respond to everyone else.

Usually the hosts service providers supervise the main chatrooms, where they root out bad language or sexy talk and ban offenders. Sadly, though, even here not everything is supervised.

You can "whisper" to an individual, ie hold a private conversation with someone in a separate window, and these are uncensored. This is where the real danger lies - it is quite easy for a newcomer to say, for instance, that they are a year-old lad, but in fact turn out to be a year-old paedophile. In fact, in Microsoft Network MSN chatrooms, anyone can be a host and create their own chatroom, which operate under titles such as Hot Teens!

These rooms appear to be unsupervised and the host is responsible for behaviour in the room. You have to apply for membership for chatrooms hosted by service providers, giving your date of birth. Only teens can enter teen sites, and, ironcially, parents and teachers who ought to visit email and chat room abuse sites no longer can because of these very restrictions.


So what are they being restricted from? A newcomer cannot fail to notice the striking openness and honesty between respondents - they feel safe in their anonymity so they have no reason to lie. But a worrying aspect is the large number of cries for help.

Broken families and moving away from relatives mean kids often have no one to turn to for help. Many do not feel able to go to a teacher, and most do not belong to a church or other religious organisation so have no support there either.

School counsellors cannot be trusted as they may tell their problems to the school or parents. Alex, 16, said he email and chat room abuse "never trust a counsellor again" after his parents were told of his problems.

Chat Room Dangers

What's worse, many teenagers are floundering. A new morality is rearing its head that has its own rules. Many teenagers in these chatrooms take email and chat room abuse term "having sex" to mean full, penetrative sex. Any other sexual activity seems acceptable at 12 years old, although most "chatroomers" indulge from years.

Experimenting with lesbian, or bisexual activity, has also become increasingly common. This is apparently "OK" and, if that is all they have done, the new morality does not believe they have had "sex". There are no feelings of right or wrong; the only test is whether both partners feel happy about it.

The worst sin now is "two-timing"; the rule is one boyfriend to one girlfriend.


This is where social networks and chat rooms come along because these websites allow free access to people of a violent nature to talk to people across long distances and make threats for example or simply insult them which can then lead to more drastic measures. How to deal with online bullying and chat room abuse is to ignore any interactions made by a known online abusive contact. As soon as the bullying starts alert someone who is able to deal with the person doing the bullying and email and chat room abuse will then be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

There are other things that email and chatrooms can be used for such as stealing information and spamming. People who use chatrooms and false email addresses will use them to either email and chat room abuse and gain to a certain degree some information that could later on have a bigger impact than you think. Misuse of computers and communications systems comes in several forms:. Hacking is where an unauthorised person uses a networkinternet or modem connection to gain access past security passwords or other security to see data stored on another computer.

Hackers find keep love reviews use software hacking tools and often target, for example, particular sites on the internet. Copying and illegal transfer of data is very quick and easy using online computers and large storage devices such as hard disksmemory sticks and DVDs. Personal data, company research and written work, such as novels and textbooks, cannot be copied without the copyright holder's permission.


This includes copying music and movies with computer equipment and distributing it on the internet without the copyright holder's permission. This is a widespread misuse of both computers and the internet that breaks copyright regulations.

Email and chat room abuse [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)