Chat room rules and regulations


If you cannot manage to stop chattering during a foaling or during time when someone needs help or someone is giving updates, expect to be banned, without warning. Spam Chat is not to be used for commercial purposes without the consent of DeviantArt, Inc. If subcategory, choose parent:. Chat room rules and regulations [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

However, questions and opposing opinions are encouraged just do so respectfully. Limit negative comments as these have a tendency not to help anyone's trading. Alternatively, try to put the comment in a positive light.

Chat Room Rules

The use of negative metaphors have a tendency to amplify negative emotions. The use of rude or abusive language, blatantly insensitive remarks or purposely annoying comments is not acceptable. For personal safety reasons, be cautious to whom you disclosure your last name, chat room rules and regulations address, telephone number. Home Resources Contact Us Terms of Use Search Stock, futures and option trading is high risk and you can lose a great deal of money, maybe all or in the case of futures even more than in one's accountin the process.

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Keep It Legal. Acting in an illegal fashion and discussion of illegal activities are not allowed.

Hago Chat Room Rules & Regulations New Update जल्दी देख लो नही तो आपका Chat Room Block हो सकता है?

DeviantArt is not responsible for anything you say or for any consequences that may arise from your words and actions. Those who break this rule will be the ones held responsible, not DeviantArt. Asking for or providing assistance in obtaining pirated software or media is not permitted.


Neither is the chat room rules and regulations of Chat to circulate or distribute defamatory, obscene, sexual, or other illegal material, text, or images. The use of Chat for conversations relating to illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia is strictly prohibited, and requests for help with self-mutilation or suicide will not be tolerated. For the latter, we urge anyone going through a difficult time, who is experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm and are in immediate danger, to seek help as soon as possible by calling a local emergency telephone number, a suicide prevention hotline, or by going to the nearest emergency room.

What are the rules and etiquette around Chat?

DeviantArt has also provided find running friends international list of crisis prevention hotlines which chat room rules and regulations can find in our Suicide and Self-harm Prevention journal.

Also please note that the use of dAmn to link to external web pages that violate any of these rules is strictly prohibited. Spam Chat is not to be used for commercial purposes without the consent of DeviantArt, Inc. This does not include the promotion of on-site prints in the appropriate channels. This does include spamming or advertising for outside companies.

You are responsible for anything you say while you use Chat and for protecting your own system. You are responsible for any actions you take based on information you receive online.

If you have been banned, chances are good that you violated a major rule, violated multiple rules or continued to violate any given rule after you had been verbally warned. A moderator should explain to you either in the chat room rules and regulations room before you are banned or via private message on the forums after you are banned exactly why you were banned, unless it is felt that you knew you were doing something wrong or doing it deliberately.

If banned for any given violation is at the discretion of the chat room moderator. All Chat room bans is a permanent ban deemed appropriate by the moderators. Users who are familiar with the chat room rules will likely receive more serious action against them for violation what they know is a rule as opposed to a new user who is unfamiliar with the rules.

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Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Please do not share the name of any Listener, Member or Guest that you have had a one-on-one chat with, or any details from these chats. Please refrain from revealing any other Listener, Member or Guest account that you own other than the one you are currently using. Please do not share names of drugs or medication with others. If you are in the wrong age group, please chat room rules and regulations out and create an account using your correct date of birth.

If you are a listener, please behave professionally at all times. Use your member account if you wish to seek support. Learn more about the role of a listener in group support or listener rooms. Therapists are expected to follow listener guidelines including, but not limited to: refraining from giving advice and remaining professional at all times.

Regular support sessions and events are held in these rooms and will sometimes take priority over general chat.


Please be respectful to the leaders and participants. These will last for one hour only. You can check the calendar to see what's on and learn more about discussions in this forum post.

Chat room rules and regulations [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)