Charlie heaton and natalia dyer dating


In December , Natalia and Charlie made their red carpet debut as a couple, holding hands at the swanky Fashion Awards in London. Not only does Friel regularly support Heaton on social media, she also reportedly left hand in hand with the star after the Bafta TV Awards in They have made a few more appearances together at events , though, and have occasionally popped up on each others Instagram pages. Charlie heaton and natalia dyer dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Dyer also opened up about the future of the Netflix thriller and how much longer she and Heaton will be playing Nancy and Jonathan side by side. Who knows? This isn't the first time Dyer has talked about Heaton publicly.

Stranger Things 3 Cast Charlie Heaton & Natalia Dyer Break Down a Scene - Shot by Shot - Netflix

As for her significant other, Heaton chatted about Dyer in an interview with V Man that was published on Feb. He said. There you have it. Both Dyer and Heaton are comfortable working together and dating each other at the same time.

How Long Have ‘Stranger Things’ Stars Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton Been Dating?

They definitely lean on one another and feel the same way about their relationship, especially when it comes to privacy. On the show, Dyer plays Nancy Wheeler, the studious and rule-abiding older sister of Mike Wheeler who has a passion for investigative journalism.

Are Charlie Heaton & Natalia Dyer Still Dating? The 'Stranger Things' Stars Are Romantic IRL Too

Heaton plays Jonathan Byers, the older brother of Will Byer, who is an outsider at school and an aspiring photographer. Though their characters are completely different, they find themselves relating to each other on a personal level and soon, their friendship starts blossoming into something more.

Natalia Dyer And Charlie Heaton From Stranger Things Dating: Their Relationship Timeline Revealed

In Septemberthe actors were first spotted hanging out together after Charlie Heaton shared a photo of Dyer and two other friends on a trip to the island of Menorca. A post shared by Charlie Heaton charlie. Though the two only saw each other as friends at this point, after spending more time together, they soon found themselves head over heels for one another. Your privacy is important to us. We want to better help you understand how and why we use your data.


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Charlie heaton and natalia dyer dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)