Are idubbbz and anisa still dating


But lets just enjoy the ride until a pear does another fuck up. All awkward in their own way. You think anisa took the memes from here and showed them to lia? A very niiiiice. Are idubbbz and anisa still dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

A little strange or nah? That poor skinny muslim pear. Maybe she thinks Idubbbz is the guy who treats her like are idubbbz and anisa still dating princess lol. I totally don't even know how to use makeup, I just bought a 50 dollar foundation from sephora because i'm such a gullible dudette. Both look extremely unfortunate. I could go on for hours and hours and if you need proof to all these points lurk past threads and you will seek the answers.

So I only discovered how scummy she was recently and have been reading the past threads and whatnot. But what happened with her and Sky? How her friends so blind to her shorty personality is beyond me. So it's more likely this trip is firstly - a new youtube video secondly - girls were an after thought I don't think it's a new content cop because Anisa would be leaking and dropping hints constantly.

PNG Good ol reddit. A with him using the last two months she had before they told her to leave the country which she could have spend with her boyfriend instead but nopeeee she rather spent them with chris and then went to NY together its pathetic and sad how you still keep defending her despite of all the evidence, brittany, sky and pearfax have posted. He is such an unfortunate looking guy with his beady eyes and receding hairline. She used half of that time visiting Ian in August.

Every iDubbbz and Anisa Moment I Could Find Vol. II

A during that time "she was with ian". So no, she definitely did not have two months left on her visa. A regardless if she had two months or not she should have stayed with ian instead of wondering around with chris.

I dont get why you defend her so much have you not seen every single fact posted here and yet you still defend her, if youre one of her neckbeards sorry to say but unless you have 1million subscribers or more she wont ride your dick, she will probably just keep on leeching on your money you're probably that blinko guy who is obsessed with pee. Either way anisa is still and will always be a piece of shit regardless of anything we know she is a horrible human being and she will never change.

Chris seem to have some standards and she is much taller then him. If any of that came true it would not surprise me in the least. I'm pretty sure thats the Sydney harbor ferry. I understand your need to be skeptical but you're giving her too much leeway. Sorry i forgot. Did she said she knew about idubbz before?

Kat can enjoy herself in peace. I don't hate Anisa I was just curious as to who they are. Her head is looking quite peary today.

So candid! Heres to hoping they will just fuck chinese singles dating sites further into irrelevancy forever. That being said, her makeup is probably the least of her worries, since her hair is thinning and she can't dress herself properly.

It's are idubbbz and anisa still dating she is actively trying to look are idubbbz and anisa still dating here and 15 the rest of the time. The chompers on her.

And Ian giving a half ass smile.


I wonder how long they will last, all things considered. Ian doesn't absolutely free asian dating sites me as a are idubbbz and anisa still dating who would put up with someone he doesn't have any interest in; but what do I know?

A fancy dress. In all honesty, he's probably cheating on her. It seems like he follows a lot of randoms similar to Anisa, and he has no shortage of desperate girls reaching out to him via social media.

He also never posts pictures of the two of them online, despite her intensive documentation of their relationship. None of his YouTuber buddies seem to have qualms about just acknowledging their partners.

Anyways, the fact that he's in a relationship with someone like Anisa, an unsuccessful, financially-dependant, average-looking nobody living in Canada, is baffling even if he also has an unpleasant personality and is ugly as shit.

Surely there must be tons of girls just like her in his immediate area. Or someone like pokimane or jessica nigri. I know this is retarded but i found it funny how this guy is all are idubbbz and anisa still dating knight and shit and yet his idol does not even follow him on twitter notworthyenoughtobeananisafan.

It looks like a dogs mouth. It's not that she absolutely needs to do that, but I do think we become accustomed to expecting it from everyone, especially people trying to make a living off their appearance. As someone who is Anisa's age and also aging miserably, even a small amount of botox can go a long way in seriously toning down those signs of premature aging.

The nasal labial folds might be another issue though lol. I wonder does he think that just by associating with anisa he is gonna get some idubbbz brownie points or what?

People can like a streamer and support them without lusting or wanting something in return. Where is this thread going? I thought we were talking about Anisa…. JPG Speaking of kailey or should we call her cuckley look at this painful ass pic she posted lol.

No wonder anisa has her by herside, this troglodyte makes anisa look like a model in comparison. PNG Lol omg this poor guy is so triggered Blinko you do realize you sperging about this is going to bring people from your small audience that like anisa to this thread and see all of Anisa's lies and shit right?

The opposite of what she wants? Why are anisa fans so fucking dumb lol. Besides there's no milk at the moment so there's no harm done, I do gotta admit brining are idubbbz and anisa still dating pic was dumb since she is irrelevant, she is ugly but nobody notices cuz she is just that irrelevant. But lets just enjoy the ride until a pear does another fuck up.

People enjoyed his bad unboxing series but he doesn't offer anything new, he has to find another drama queen like Ricegum to go after if he wants to get hype again. I can't imagine who this could be.

Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]

He rarely uploads I wonder why he cares so little about his youtube channel. I can't help but wonder how he's going to get money; he doesn't sell merch often and doesn't stream. Without that sweet sweet youtube money soon it might be anisa who will be the breadwinner in their relationship lmao.

Most of Ian's videos are still monetized. His videos must be demonetised though; if HTB and pewdiepie are affected idubbbz must be fucked as well.

He tried to push the Sheep clothing but I don't really think that sold super well. Any he's not streaming that I know of like most youtubers have started doing so I can't imagine he's bringing in much money at all….

I guess sky is actually taking revenge where it hurts her the most I do hope he realizes that. I thought michael jackson died? I can totally see that affecting her and crying on twitch about it. Ians family arent public figures so therefore we need to give them privacy.

The video got taken down for bullying. When applying, one of the sort of unspoken requirements is that the couple in question has already put in an effort to visit each other in their home countries and the american has spent at least six months legally living in the applicant's home country.

It's meant to sort of prove the validity of and seriousness of the relationship. Cuckfuck ian's gonna marry pear lmao. Anyways man finds hawaii gonna be some good milk are idubbbz and anisa still dating ian introduce yourself dating sample his life with a gold digging hoe like pear.

Milks a comin! Yeah he's coming next week. He's staying. Yeah like living here, for 6 months" As much as I would like for them to get married, getting a visa for a Canadian to the US in not easy. Maybe it differs from everyone, are idubbbz and anisa still dating, not sure. And I was just drawing on personal experience and secondhand experience at that which isn't always absolute, ofc. My best friend married a guy from the UK after about a year of dating.

When they were in the process of getting him permanent residence, best friend was told their odds would be better, their application less likely to stall, and the interview would go smoother if there was more tangible proof of their commitment even more tangible than marriage lolto which their attorney suggested she live with her husband in the UK for at least the next six months.

She did, since it was easier to deal with getting a residence card in the UK than waiting on the US to work out things, and they didn't want to be apart when they'd just married. She wound up living in the UK for around 10 months and then the visa process went pretty quickly. I don't know all the details or specifics esp.

I just remember her saying she wished someone had told her in the beginning she should live in her then-fiance's country for a bit before they married, since it seemed that her stay changed everything for the better. Why tf is she almost 25 with no car? I was watching some of her stream and I couldn't help but to take a screenshot of her face. She's done streams before where she and her sister were driving anisa at the wheeland ian did eventually let her drive his jeep.

Sounds like Ian might be a bit of a doormat in person and just says stuff to shut Anisa up. Based on how she behaves on her streams, she definitely seems like the type to get super weepy and whiney to manipulate people into doing things for her.

I bet she thinks she deserves to be Twitter verified too. Pewds even mocked eating a banana on stream, like Anisa recently did. Fuck that. If Anisa had a little bit of self respect she would be shaking those titties rn and getting her coins. It's very fucking relevant. Bitch has her stalkers on the inside.

I can't believe anons ever thought it was just conspiracy to think pear had mod friends when they started targeting our threads from the beginning.

We need to be patient for that milk. Like her sub badges are vegetables and her new channel currency is "lettuce" and I don't get it at all. I'm pretty sure it was a thing before she was vegan so like…why? The "podcast' was called the salad bowl and hence the salad boys thing was born. You'd think an """artist""" would know when a design is just completely horrible. It's not cute or funny or iconic, and there's nothing about it that even relates to Anisa to make it relevant… actually wait a second… I guess that description fits Anisa pretty well.

For what? Lmao idubbbz. Damn stupid Pear got me triggered lol. If she wants to be a hoe she needs to own up to it. I mean look at zoie, yes she is a wreck atm but she owns up to her shit, she knows she is crazy but she doesnt deny it. Its okay to be a hoe and she just needs to get off that high horse of hers and realize that her old content made her more money, didnt she say she use to be able to afford a big apartment on her own and she even had akaadian living with her at some point.

Pear you know where the money is at girl, if she wants to get everything back she needs to break up with idubbbz and try to regain her old persona back, there's still time. Since Ian seems to be one of those redpill men that probably thinks that the womens place is in the kitchen or some bullshit. Definitely a way to express she misses showing tiddy. I want jefree to roast her. Mediocre boring storytimes with Anisa. At least Tana is outrageous. She reminded herself she's got youtube channel and decided she has to upload, so now she's looking for ideas.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't it work other way around. She's no creativity, which is why streaming was working better for her. It's much are idubbbz and anisa still dating, you just have to play a game and entertain the chat, you are idubbbz and anisa still dating have to actually create sth.

Still, I wish she was doing more youtube. She's such a beautiful train wreck. If you're not gaming you have to be good at conversation. Not saying it's harder than youtube, but it's difficult, especially if you're not naturally good at filling up the time.

You can't edit yourself so you have to think about every sentence. However, twitch gets infinitely easier when you have your tits out. Doesn't matter what you say or do, if you sit there you can get what is speed dating interview. In fact, it's better the less you say - people aren't there for your chat, they're there for the boobs.

No harm in it, just that it's not really so hard at all. Fucking hypocrite. Not being able to keep others names out of her mouth Sky, Zoie, Ice, Pyro and then getting attention from that shit talk. The rise of the digital stage has given birth to millions of stars who have millions of fans. And the name of the one bearing through it is Anisa Jomha. Jomha and iDubbbz, 28, seem to be in love and are shy about showing the world how crazy are idubbbz and anisa still dating are for each other.

Anisa and iDubbbz dating timeline is actually are idubbbz and anisa still dating pretty nice story like a movie. She recently attended Twitch Con and booked an extra day in San Diego. While sitting alone in the hotel as everyone else had left the day before, she was scrolling through Twitter when she noticed that iDubbbz was just tweeting away nonstop.

His first video, uploaded on August 30,was of him playing the Holiday levels of the game Overgrowth.


Like many other YouTubers, he started out gaming. Although iDubbbz kept making gaming videos, his more popular series, Kickstarter Crap, and Bad Unboxing took a higher priority over these videos. Arguably, iDubbbz's most successful series, Content Cop is aimed toward creators of various topics in which their content is highly questionable or poorly executed. The series had brought in over million views combined for him.

What Happened to iDubbz Girlfriend?

Content Are idubbbz and anisa still dating episodes begin with a sketch of iDubbbz wearing a cop costume as he pursues a suspect while the song Otis McMusic by Otis McDonald plays, eventually breaking down into a scuffle between the two.

Then, the video cuts to iDubbbz sitting down in his studio before he begins talking about the channel or channels in question, with no mention being made of the opening fight - even if the sketch ends with the Content Cop apparently being killed or, in one case, the suspect stealing his uniform and running away.

Am I the only one who thinks Anisa is even worse than Tana? Posted 4 May edited. Posted 5 May Posted 20 May Posted 23 May edited. Posted 24 May Oh, she's MAD and I love her for it.

Anisa are idubbbz and anisa still dating even respect people inside their own houses. If the person is not confortable with you filming, just don't. It's not that hard. Posted 25 May edited. Despite being 24 years old and going to College for Art for 3 yearsAnisa constantly traces anime and calls it her own. If you recognize the art she traced please share. The comic is starring her ex "dan" and herself. Anisa likes to self-insert a lot. She's friends with OhNips Ex friend of momokunand Wiishu JackSepticEye's GF who are huge advocates against art theft and reposting art so I don't know why she hasn't been called out for stealing yet.

Are idubbbz and anisa still dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)