When do riley and danny start dating


Start a Wiki. One Night Stand Off. Riley's conflicting feelings for Danny begins to show when Robyn, a co-worker of hers, shows romantic interest in Danny. When they arrive, Ben finds old home videos of Prom. Danny realizes he had forgotten about the hookup and tells Sam not to tell Riley, she promises. When do riley and danny start dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

I think they have an odd attraction for each other. Are you Team Ben or Team Danny? And what are your thoughts on Bonnie and Tucker? Drop a comment below! Click here to subscribe. Editorial Comic-Con: Exclusive Portraits. Did Bachelorette Enable Luke P. He is happy and so is everyone else.


In season 6, they seem to have everything going as planned, until Brad goes to jail. Riley is asked by Bonnie to help Brad get out of Jail.

A cruise Bonnie and Brad were going on, end up changing since Brad is in Jail. Bonnie lets Riley and Danny go. When they arrive, Danny tells Bonnie he wants to elope with Riley on the cruise. Bonnie ends up taking someone's card and staying on the cruise. Throughout the day, he avoids Riley and helps plan how he's gonna get her to elope with him.

Baby Daddy 4x21 - Danny tells Ben he loves Riley

Riley finds out Bonnie stayed and tells Danny that she's upset with how he avoided her and spent the trip with his mother. They get kicked off the cruise because of Bonnie stealing the card, and pushing a women named Helen off the boat.

They go to the bar to get extra keys to the apartment since they forget their original keys on the cruise. A wedding was set up, since a girl named Annabelle who was obsessed with Ben, was getting married and needed a place to marry her future husband Carlos. Riley tells Danny again that she doesn't want to get married yet, and Danny explains this wasn't for them.

Danny Wheeler

Riley doesn't believe him, and Danny then gets upset saying he doesn't care what she looks like, he just wants to share with the world that he has the most perfect girl. He leaves the bar, forgetting about the keys, leaving Riley at the bar alone. Ben walks out, sharing that the wedding was for a pyscho girl named Annabelle.

Riley realizes she had made a mistake and at the end of the episode, Danny and Riley get married. In Season 6, Episode 10, Danny and Riley find out they are having a baby boy. They are so happy and not only was finding out the sex of the baby the best part, Riley got Brad out of Jail, making everyone a little more happier. In Season 6, Episode 11, Riley gives birth to a small, precious, baby boy who is later named Puck. Ray now lives in Florida with his boyfriend, Steve. Emma is Danny's niece.

Danny is a very fun uncle who teaches her tricks at times. Danny can also be protective of her as seen in "Flirty Dancing" Danny is seen teaching Emma how to dance and saying the guy always leads and if the guy's hand slips any lower that her back Danny said to call him so he can break the guys hand.


Emma is a cute lil baby. Amy was Danny's girlfriend.

Danny-Riley Relationship

He met her when we went through therapy with her but they eventually starting dating soon after that. He thought that Amy was pregnant but it ended up being a misunderstanding. After seeing signs that Danny still had a crush on Riley, Amy breaks up with him. Robyn is Danny's most recent ex-girlfriend. They meet through Riley and started off as just rebounds for each other but then soon began a relationship.

Their relationship was put into jeopardy when Riley started having feelings for Danny, but Danny ultimately chooses Robyn over her. This puts a big hole in Robyn and Riley's friendship, when Robyn tells Riley to "back off". Danny breaks up with Robyn at the beginning of Season 4 after he meets Ashley, a hockey fan-girl of his. To view the gallery for Danny Wheeler, click here. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Danny Wheeler. Contents [ show ].

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When do riley and danny start dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)