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Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez are cashing in on social media pictures of newborn daughter Mia A majority of his Fortnite videos is similar to the Overwatch videos with him posting gameplay, funny moments and challenges. It's almost preferable to step away from the ever-looming shadow of Fortnite. His son wakes up every morning, barely saying a word, spooning breakfast into his mouth while watching Fortnite compilation videos on YouTube. Niomi simultaneously posted a message on her social media channels, where she has two million followers, echoing Marcus's words. Lufu and marcus dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

Stefanie, left, won the ninth season of Germany's Next Top Model and fans have noticed how similar she looks to Niomi, right, lufu and marcus dating. She is also pals with supermodels Karlie Kloss and Doutzen Kroes, who she was seen hanging out with on the red carpet in Cannes.

Marcus was dating childhood sweetheart Niomi for several years but fans of the couple began to speculate that something was wrong when the pair - who owned a flat together in London - weren't seen together in their videos in a number of weeks. The model is pals with supermodel Karlie Kloss, left, and the pair were seen sharing a laugh on the red carpet in Cannes. Stefanie, who has over 2m Instagram followers, also posed with Doutzen Kroes. Speaking in the short video, the Sussex-born star, who has 3.

We've both found separate places to live. I found mine already and am in my new place… Are mendes and miley cyrus dating is moving very soon.

Obviously, going through something in a personal relationship is a very hard thing to do. Niomi simultaneously posted a message on her social media channels, where she has two million followers, echoing Marcus's words. She wrote: 'I can confirm that unfortunately Marcus and I have decided to separate. Fans took to Twitter in their droves to share their sadness and show their support for the couple.

They commanded tens of thousands of pounds for advertising and had millions of fans following their every move on YouTube - but one of the internet's most loved couples have called time on their relationship. One user wrote: 'They were the cutest, I loved them so much, I'm going to miss them being together,' and another added: 'No way, I'm an absolute mess.

I can't believe that Narcus aren't together any more that honestly breaks my heart. Just weeks before, the couple had announced the launch of their new company, SourcedBox, which delivers healthy snacks to your door monthly. The pair stressed that they will continue to run the business - along with another friend - despite the split. Lufu and marcus dating one of the original vloggers, Marcus established his channel, Marcus Butler TV, at viewer request in after making a few videos and winning over online fans.

Niomi followed suit and now their fans are devastated at their break-up. Fans ariana grande chat room to Twitter in their droves to share their sadness and show their support for the couple, who are known online as 'Narcus'.

Marcus and Niomi - known affectionately as 'Narcus' online - had been dating since school and Marcus was responsible for getting Niomi involved in the world of YouTube. Loserfruit is among the high profile Australian gamer who lufu and marcus dating over thousand subscribers on Twitch and has become renowned for her skills in Fortnite and League of Legends.

Australian Twitch star, Loserfruit who was once rumored to be a lesbian is in a blissful relationship with her boyfriend, Marcus. The duo relished their bond and celebrated their first anniversary in late-October Loserfruit and her boyfriend Marcus celebrated their one-year-anniversary in late-October Photo: Instagram. Though the Fortnite streamer missed wishing Marcus during the boyfriend day, Loserfruit took her Instagram a day later on 4 October and addressed their passionate love.

Watkins, 23, is the man behind "Muselk". With seven million subscribers he is one of Australia's highest profile gaming YouTubers. For six years, Watkins has been recording himself play popular online multiplayer shooters like Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch, racking up over two billion views.

Nowadays, the majority of his uploads focus on the zeitgeist-controlling Fortnite. In he co-founded Click Management, in an attempt to expand and build a portfolio of Australian YouTube talent.

This house exists because of Watkins and his management brought these influencers together. When I visit, he's in the midst of preparing an upload for his channel. The room is largely bare but for a queen-size bed and a walk-in wardrobe that connects to an ornate, modern ensuite. His gold YouTube lufu and marcus dating rests against a wall, commemorating one million subscribers. Since the start ofhis subscriber numbers have ballooned by over percent.

Factoring in "procrastination breaks", Watkins sums up the total time he devotes to YouTube at about 14 hours per day. I don't get to bed until 2am.


I do that every day. Even when he's taking week-long breaks, he's hustled to ensure his content pipeline is full. Not uploading daily, he believes, will see his channel lose its audience.

Answering the BIG QUESTION about our relationship!

lufu and marcus dating It seems unhealthy, but Watkins doesn't look unhealthy. He describes himself as "pudgy", refuses to snack and opines that he'd like to get to the gym more often, but he also speaks about it like it's an impossibility.

It's almost like getting a report card from your boss, every minute of every day," Watkins says. It's not only external pressure. Talking with Watkins it's obvious that he puts a lot of pressure on himself to maintain a certain standard.

He watches his subscriber numbers rise and dip live, on his second screen. He can tell, almost immediately, how well a certain video will perform. If you start slacking off, there's someone out there who's hungry for that growth, who'll very happily take your place," he explains. On the opposite end of the spectrum is "Crayator", a Twitch and YouTube up-and-comer. He's not reached the lofty heights of Muselk, but mermaid chat room seen as a fast mover.

His backwards cap and lufu and marcus dating face gives him a boyish charm, but it's offset by a curled-at-the-edges handlebar moustache you might see on an early 20th century vaudevillian. As I arrive on the third floor, I can hear Crayator shouting from behind a closed door. He's streaming the latest Call of Duty beta to some of hisTwitch subscribers, but it's him I can hear -- not the video game. That's the kind of image I have become used to assigning YouTube stars in my head.

Loud, brash, obnoxious. Totally in your face, bro. Though I'm not allowed to interrupt his stream, I call Crayator lufu and marcus dating real name Nathan Ryan -- later in the day and find he is none of those things. Though he may be shouting from his bedroom for hours, when I talk to him he's softly-spoken, humble.

He speaks articulately about his passion for content creation, for Twitch and YouTube and about his new home.


Like Watkins, Ryan explains that it's not always easy. One of the key battles is against yourself. It gets to people. You do get drained. Then there's his audience, who he knows are hungry for more content. If he doesn't show up for a scheduled stream or his content starts to dry up, they begin asking questions.

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They want to know where he's gone, when he will be back. It's a theme that runs across all content creators once they reach a certain threshold. They don't just become beholden to the platforms they work on, but also to the audience that got them there.

They are who enjoy you. I feel culpable to that ideal of sticking to my word. When 5pm rolls around, Crayator clocks out for the day and Nathan Ryan clocks in. When it's 5pm onwards, I'm not streaming, I'm not directly making content which has helped me a lot not to burn out. That's because taking a break upsets YouTube's omnipotent, omnipresent algorithm, the autonomous piece of code that dictates who should be watching what.

If the lufu and marcus dating detects a YouTuber on the rise, it pushes their videos to more and more users.


It rewards consistency -- it's the reason that many creators, Watkins included, feel like they have to be producing new videos every lufu and marcus dating day. YouTube's all about being current, being always engaging, you always have to be there… they could tweak the algorithm.

There's parallels in Watkins' and Ryan's stories. Where Ryan is really just getting started and hungry to grow, Watkins is battle-wearied. He's 23 and yet he's preparing for life after YouTube. He's ready to ease his foot off the pedal, if only a little bit. The gaming house is one way for him to plan for the future, but also one that can improve his mental health.

He'd rather not worry about making Fortnite videos every day. Maybe upload a video every 2 days.

Lufu and marcus dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)