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This of course leads to another argument between the two women, with Vicki still claiming she has only been a good friend to Kelly while Kelly claims she has only been a good friend to Vicki. ET on Bravo. Later, Kelly brought her new boyfriend to dinner , though there was no real reason for him to actually be there. It looks like Dodd might have a thing for doctors because her newest relationship is with a plastic surgeon, Brian Regan. Nevertheless, very grateful to be alive and all smiles today Are kelly and michael dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

The two remained legally separated for 2 years, and in they decided to give their love another shot for the sake of their daughter. Despite trying to work things out, the pair officially called it quits infinalizing their divorce in February Although the romantic relationship between them is done for good, Kelly and Michael have remained friends and have mastered being co-parents to Jolie.

‘RHOC’: Kelly Dodd Opens Up About Dating After Divorce From Michael Dodd (Exclusive)

Screw the Tres Amigas. We have the gruesome twosome! Our custody is one week on, one week off. So, we have, you know, we co-parent very well together. So, and we're trying to be friendly with each other and do things with her, so she doesn't feel, you know, uncomfortable or doesn't feel insecure.


Because if we're cool with each other, she feels good. I still have issues and problems, but I just don't like to tell people about them. Kelly, too, struggles with seeing her ex move on, even though she wants happiness for him.

Kelly Tries to Get Jake Gyllenhaal a Date

She exploded on co-star Vicki Gunvalson earlier this season for helping to set Michael up with a new woman. Later, Kelly brought her new boyfriend to dinnerthough there was no real reason for him to actually be there. It kind are kelly and michael dating seemed like she was purposefully flaunting her new man in front of Vicki to prove she was truly over Michael, but if that was the goal it was futile. Vicki was so obviously over the whole thing that for all of Kelly's efforts she is really only hurting herself at this point.

Still, that will not stop Kelly from raising the issue again. In the preview for the next episode, Kelly is seen once again saying that Vicki set up Michael with his new girlfriend. Jeremy Scher. He has four children from his two marriages. These two were TV-husband-and-wife for many years and to go from seeing someone five days a week to having zero contact makes no sense to him.

He wanted to tell her in person and give her months notice," the source said. The beautiful couple has two children together, are kelly and michael dating Clinton Kelly and son Frank Michael and kelly dating.


CraigSnyder May 16, He played a real idiot in Chronicle but was very convincing. Daily Mail.

Who Is Kelly Dodd's Ex-Husband Michael Dating Now? The 'RHOC' Star Says Vicki Set Him Up

Are kelly and michael dating [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)