Are elle and noah dating in real life


The pair make a handsome on screen couple, but fans have been delighted to discover that their romance didn't end when production wrapped on The Kissing Booth. Jacob posted this adorable photo of them doing face masks together and something tells us it likely wasn't his idea. Back to top Home News U. There's only one thing better than watching your favorite characters get together at the end of an cheesy romantic comedy and that's realizing they're dating in real life. Are elle and noah dating in real life [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)

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‘The Kissing Booth’ Stars Are Dating In Real Life & Netflix Fans Can’t Even Handle It

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Twitter goes crazy after finding the couple in Netflix's The Kissing Booth is dating in real life

View Privacy Statement. They also attended the Variety Power of Young Hollywood party together and looked absolutely hilarious as they made funny faces on the red carpet.

August 14, When Jacob posted a photo of the two of them in face masks. Jacob posted this adorable photo of them doing face masks together and something tells us it likely wasn't his idea. Still, the couple looked cozy in their super chill date night together.

Here’s a Complete Timeline of “The Kissing Booth” Stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi’s Relationship

She also shared that the couple have a list of cute date ideas that they love to do together. July 30, When Jacob posted the funniest photos for Joey's birthday. February 12, When Jacob held Joey's hand during a dentist appointment. September 10, When Jacob made Joey a scrapbook about their relationship.

June 26, When Joey wished Jacob a happy birthday on Instagram. April 6, When they posed in front of the Hollywood sign. The Netflix original doesn't have the best reviews it got a 20 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes but that hasn't stopped fans from sharing their excitement on Twitter over the fact that Joey and Jacob are dating.


One person tweeted: 'Joey King and Jacob Elordi a. And more fans took to the social media platform to post about their approval over the pairs relationship ans about their height difference Jacob is 6'3 and Joey is 5'4 with a tweet that said: 'So the height difference between Jacob Elordi and Joey King aka Noah and Elle on thekissingbooth is almost one foot???

I just want a Noah Flynn!


Where can I buy one! Can't handle it: Since finding out about their relationship, fans have taken to Twitter to share their excitement over the news. Too cute: One person tweeted 'the fact that Joey King and Jacob Elordi are actually a couple in real life'.

Short and tall: And someone else used the social media platform to bring to attention to Joey and Jacob's height difference.

'The Kissing Booth' Stars Joey King & Jacob Elordi BREAK UP

Mom and dad: Another person said that Joey and Jacob are their new parents after finding out about the relationship. Complete: And another fan said she was 'complete' after finding out the two are actually in love. More fans shared their happiness over their relationship with one person who tweeted: 'I thought I was complete after watching The Kissing Booth, they are actually in love I'm actually complete.

And another fan took to Twitter to share that she wasn't surprised to hear that the two were dating because of their 'realistic chemistry. Chemistry: Another fan wasn't surprised about their relationship because their chemistry was so realistic. Full heart: Twitter user brockkabigail said that knowing Jacob and Joey are dating made her happy. Adorable: Someone else tweeted that 'the fact Noah and Elle go in real life' was heartwarming.

Are elle and noah dating in real life [PUNIQRANDLINE-(au-dating-names.txt)